I'm Isabel a
Product Design Lead

As a Product Design Lead working on a variety of projects, empathy, and user-centered design is my priority. Through user data, I aim to help others through user experience. Creating accessible designs with simple user tasks.

Mentorship is also a priority of mine. Providing my peers with the resources they need to succeed in their careers and explore new design methods.

If you catch me outside of work, I'm an illustrator and artist, reading psychology and social behavior literature. I also write and illustrate children's books in my spare time.

Design Philosophy



I prioritize ethical UX, using empathy to understand user impact and acknowledging the dynamic nature of design.



Emphasizing inclusivity, I craft accessible, culturally sensitive interfaces for a welcoming user experience.


Continuous Learning

Dedicated to aiding and contributing through design, I actively explore diverse resources, always striving to learn and enhance my skills.



Aiming for minimalist, practical designs, I blend creativity from color and art, infusing vibrancy through digital art elements.




As Senior Product Designer at Homegenius, I led UX research and strategy, developing product solutions that enhanced user experience and business strategy. I also mentored designers and cultivated a collaborative work environment.



Lead design team of 4 through continuous discovery, user testing, case studies, and persona development for engaging accessible customer experiences. Leading design teams through end-to end design process. Designs strategy & workshops.



Experienced lead UX designer adept at guiding teams through agile methodology, establishing best practices, and mentoring for multi-platform product design across diverse customer touch points.

Independent Contractor


Product design for various companies. Contracted work.

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